Review on Hornet best social network for gay men

Review on Hornet best social network for gay men

Why is Hornet so unique?

Gay dating apps differ from each other depending on a purpose and structure. There are very plain and simple sex chats among such apps, innovative and very secretive hookup platforms, classical romantic platforms, blogs with dating tips, and so on. But Hornet went further and created a full-fledged social platform with many interesting features, that is attractive for every modern LGBTQ+ folk.

The reason is that modern sexual minorities need much more than just the absence of discrimination. They need a full integration into the society and creating their own micro-societies which wouldn’t be isolated. The whole idea of Hornet best social network for gay was impressive: the users must be able to find lovers, stable partners, but also friends and job with the help of the app. Special virtual communities as parts of the app, are helping with that. Availability for all kinds of devices adds the value.

Another advantage of Hornet is convenient search. The truth is that search by geolocation with the navigation tool isn’t always working properly, also it doesn’t give all the options that could otherwise be available. Realizing that, Hornet suggests advanced search by hashtags and the most detailed filters.

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There is a new generation of young gay men who are too busy and/or impatient for long introductions and preliminary actions. Hornet attracts them with a super-quick 5-second registration, free messaging, and unlimited usage. It’s indeed a strong magnet for youth, that’s why Hornet has grown so big in dating market.

One of the dating trends of nowadays is openness regarding any personal views and conditions.

Everyone’s rights should be protected today. There are such categories of protected social groups as gender-queer, age-queer, HIV-positive people. Hornet app the best gay dating platform is open and protective exactly towards such groups. One’s HIV-status can be indicated right in the profile so he can be matched with other HIV-positive people or just be friendly accepted by the others.

Therefore, we can see that Hornet app was called to be a democratic and life-changing platform with huge plans and concepts, not limited by gay dating only.

young gay men

Some flaws that may stop you

However, we all know that gay men are also very demanding and somewhat capricious. They may not like some of the nuances connected with Hornet app. As more as those imperfection prevent Hornet from working powerfully as it was meant from the beginning.

First of all, users’ profiles which were meant to be very informative and amusing at the same time, appeared to be vague and almost empty. For sure, there’s no point in a qualitative application if profiles do not reflect this high quality at all.

Secondly, Hornet best social network for gay men fails because such a crucial rule for intimate dating apps as security, is broken. There are no filters against non-friends, fake profiles, or abusive members. Users have to solve all such difficulties by themselves.

Another similar requirement that shouldn’t be ignored, is anonymity. Joining a themed social network is a big step towards social openness and acceptance, but not each user of it obligatory had coming out. Some of them may prefer to keep on hiding their faces. But censorship and face-control is too strict on Hornet, so one can be temporarily or permanently banned just for the wrong photo, no-face photo, or the absence of picture. Also, we would add that anonymity has nothing to do with signing in via Facebook and Google.

Gay dating online is never easy, as you have to deal with your own insecurities, other users’ unstable inner world, society restrictions, and trivial technical issues.

That is exactly the case with Hornet app.

The real purpose of the app

Hornet app the best gay dating platform has been launched as a massive and many-sided tool helping single gay men, trans people, and bi-men to significally improve their private and social life.

However, reality is always correcting our plans in this or that way. After all, Hornet is just another platform flooded with annoying ads, bots, and shallow hookup seekers. The developers claim it’s serious and has a profound philosophic meaning, but it remained in theory and didn’t turn to practice. Here is what one of the users says:

“Hornet is very much body-centered. Muscled bodies of model-looking guys are everywhere. I am surely an admirer of male beauty, but such profiles create a strong impression that men are selling themselves. I indeed got many messages from guys who offered their sex services for money.” (Oscar, 31, Los Angeles)

At the same time, average-looking users aren’t allowed to be that brave and demonstrate their naked torso. Administrators of Hornet would immediately ban such a user or at least delete his photo and send him a warning message. As a result, the database of the app looks pretty weird: thousands of frank, even erotic professional photos along with boring passport-like pictures. Both categories of users can seem unattractive to someone demanding and suspicious, for different reasons.

That’s partially why Hornet best social network for gay men is more convenient for hook-ups at the moment. 30+ users do not happen there often anymore, but they are expressing the hope that owners will return to their primary concept which has been magnetic for everyone.


How to date seriously even if this gay app is not

We shouldn’t always depend on circumstances and environment. We can still dictate our rules and requirements, express our personality. This is what David from New York City thinks of gay dating online:

“There’s no absolutely perfect app for that. I know some very trendy and cool apps but guys are just hanging out there. Even if design is bright, features are unusual, the database is vast, still the platform can be more for friendships and quick sex than anything serious. But it doesn’t mean gay men should stay single. I developed my own strategy of communication and it works. After several weeks, I have found my Mr. Perfect on the most unserious gay app. You can do the same.”

Hornet has been created for gay love stories. And it definitely was a good source of them, for some time. There are certain reasons, why it became popular mostly among immature teenagers and Instagram models:

  • Too strict photo censorship from the administrators’ side and focus on skin-deep values: only highly attractive users are welcomed!
  • Vague profiles are allowed and even encouraged since Hornet insists on the advantages of super-quick registration.
  • Social network features, describing the user’s hobbies etc. only makes an accent on other spheres but not one’s private life. It’s only natural to hang out, have fun, discuss daily activities and other distracted stuff, arrange quick sex encounters instead of full-length dates with the help of such an app.
  • Huge competition in gay dating market is a considerable factor too: Grindr, for instance, is extremely popular and attracts all groups of users, not only youth.

Best Gay Dating at Hornet Review

So how to feel confident and reach success on any platform even if the majority of users are immature and non-serious? That’s a big challenge but nothing is impossible! Here are a few simple steps every gay man can make, in order to date effectively :

  1. Make sure your profile is very detailed. Don’t be afraid to make it boring. Let it be boring for those youngsters who don’t like to read long texts. This way, you will weed away all incompatible folks and find your special one quicker.
  2. Start chatting with a serious question. Just keep in mind that too pragmatic questions like “what do you do in life?” sound either hostile or materialistic. It’s better to ask, what kind of partner can make you happy? How do you imagine your long-term gay relationship? And so on. Immature folks will move away while a few serious ones will certainly notice you.
  3. Be sexy but not too focused on that. Even heterosexual relationships are based on good sex, but this postulate is double more fair when it comes to gay couples. Of course, you will flirt openly, discuss sex, share your preferences and fantasies. But leave some space for more profound topics, too. Guys who are after one-night-stands, will quickly leave the chat but the others will stay and proceed with your common plans.

That’s basically all you have to do for manifesting your real intentions and commitment. In fact, Hornet best social network for gay men is still full of great opportunities, you just have to know how to use it with the utmost effect.

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