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With beautiful women, a piece of advice is always needed. The best dating blogs specialize in flirting online tips, virtual sex scenarios, offline pickup strategies, and relationships secrets.

All of that is needed in our daily life, since busy people simply don’t have time for analyzing the gender differences by themselves and developing the most efficient solutions. Dating experts do!

The relationship advice may concern a particular nationality or race of the hot girl you like, ways to impress her parents, her relocation to you, avoiding conflicts in life together, and so on.

Modern men like using dating blogs for their creative ideas, useful links to the best dating sites and detailed reviews on them, motivation for self-growth and new skills development.

Dating bloggers are usually experienced travelers, certified psychologists, professional writers, who gather their knowledge into compact essays and help bringing singles together in harmony.

The audience of dating blogs report their self-confidence has grew, they became more open about their sexuality, and their personal connections were cemented with mutual care and understanding.

The positive impact of dating blogs on relationships of all kinds is confirmed by success stories as well. So if you like the company of gorgeous women, consider learning more facts about them.

Top sites and apps for dating Russian women

Brilic is the best site to meet model-looking hot girls from different cities of Russia, and from other countries of Eastern Europe. All profiles are verified and girls are real.

It’s a true pleasure to chat on a trendy platform with modern design, many interesting features, but most importantly, with a huge assortment of beautiful sexy girls who are ready to meet.

RussianBrideSearch is a perfect dating site for anyone interested in Eastern European beauties. Studio photos and casual selfies, detailed profiles prove all women are genuine.

Gracious and elegant hotties from Russia and countries neighbors are presenting themselves from the best side and seeking a foreign partner. The most beautiful ladies for flirt and dating!

Ladies-Russian is a platform where dreams come true, since it contains so many classy ladies and good-mannered young girls. The best options for single men are all here, in its database.

Sexy princesses from Eastern Europe are introducing themselves in stylish profiles, and sending hot photos by request. Serious-minded and affectionate, they need a true man who appreciates them.

Hot brides from Russia and relationship advice

Dating in Russia has its nuances since it’s a unique country with a big history and many-levelled mentality. Girls there are everything but primitive, so courting them requires some special knowledge.

Although their society is still patriarchal, and they are worshipping a man figure in their life, they are taught to be independent as well. It’s a rare combination of maturity and femininity.

Being afraid of female consumerism and shallow attitude, men often underestimate those rare qualities of Russian brides. But there’s no ground for fears, since only several categories of girls are risky.

Consumerism didn’t have any chance to develop in Russia like it did in the west, the majority of women are still modest, down-to-earth, budget-saving, they are great survivors and helpers.

Only the center of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi is expensive and consuming. Since there regions are prestigious, so-called rich kids are living there and having a spoiled attitude towards men.

But there is a solution even in elite areas: date businesswomen who raised their projects from zero, only thanks to their strong mind and various talents. They’re genuine, decent, and honest to their men.

Another unique trait of Russia is healthy lifestyle. They remained keen on organic stuff all the time, while it started to be trendy in the west only now. That’s why they remain youthful and slim.

What does a Relationship Therapist say about Russian dating?

Western men do not seek a bride so far away without a reason, or only due to agencies’ commercials. Their main purpose is finding a stable life partner who wouldn’t harm their heart.

The wrong person in our life isn’t just destroying in emotional regard, choosing her interrupts our plans, dreams, goals, wastes our vital resources of all kinds. That’s how serious it is.

A Russian bride is a partner who can indeed heal our wounds, harmonize all spheres of life, participate in all activities and affect them positively, make us more confident, satisfied, content.

Dating experts insist that travelling to Eastern Europe broadens man’s horizons, challenges him to be more intellectual, since Russian women definitely are. They also possess a wider spectrum of emotions.

The purity of their souls and natural romance are somewhat similar to those we observe when we date a Filipina, but Russian brides are much more refined. They can shine proudly on any level of society.

During last decades, beauties from Russia were placing honorable positions in sports, cinema, music industry, not talking about the world of fashion. All of them have a great potential.

A relationship therapist surely recommends dating a good Russian girl for as long as possible, in order to dive into a healthy atmosphere of a well-balanced male – female interaction.

Questions and answers

How do I estimate a Russian girl’s quality?

A qualitative girl respects her parents, dreams to get married, doesn’t get vulgar.

How to analyze a Russian girl’s photos?

There should always be some casual ones with less makeup, and some taken in her room.

How to analyze the videochat with her?

She should be able to give you a sign it isn’t pre-recorded, write a note by request, etc.

Will the Russian girl pay her ticket to me?

Only if you date online a businesswoman or there is a lowcost option, otherwise, no.

Can I count on soonest sex with a Russian girl?

Although women in Russia are conservative, they can get very passionate.

Can a Russian girl wait until I propose?

Sure, they are open-minded enough and can wait, unless marriage is needed for relocation.

Are all Russian women classy?

The majority of them are, but make sure they’re urban and educated.

How do I impress a Russian girl’s parents?

Just be polite and bring some sweets to their table, smile and respect their daughter.

What are good first date questions?

  • What can make you happy in any situation?
  • What kind of place would you visit abroad first of all?
  • Would you choose a lot of lace or a sportive style?
  • What is your favorite perfume and why?
  • How would you pamper your man if he fully deserved that?
  • Which pet name do you like to be called?
  • What is your favorite outdoor activity?
  • How would you congratulate your man with your 10th anniversary?
  • Which dishes cooked by others are your favorite?
  • What is your taboo in the relationship?

What are good questions to ask a Russian bride?

  • What makes you want to leave Russia?
  • What is your plan during the first five years of marriage?
  • What do you consider romantic even for old couples?
  • What would be your last thing to do as a single person?
  • What do you like to do when your partner is away from home?
  • Would you like to repeat the honeymoon each year?
  • What are your ideas of relaxation after working day?
  • Do you believe long kisses are good for health?
  • Would you be hospitable to your man’s friends?
  • What kind of help would you like to receive with domestic duties?

How to prepare your trip and proposal

On one side, Russian women aren’t demanding and it’s easy to plan things with them. But on another side, they are very romantic and sensitive so one should be attentive to their expectations.

When they say they’ll welcome you in Russia at any conditions, they usually expect a very romantic and cute apartment rented by you, for your mutual cooking and cuddling with a movie.

If your budget is very limited and a girl accepted the idea of you living in her cottage or her flat, she expects some little reward for her hospitality, even if she isn’t saying that. Maybe a set of towels.

If a girl modestly asks you to bring something particular from your country, that she cannot buy in Russia, be sure that she is waiting for this item with all anticipation, and will be upset not to see it.

In return, a Russian girl is usually ready to spoil you with various homemade dishes, diligent massages that are healthy for you, to guide you to the most unique spots of her city.

It’s basically normal what they expect and what they give back, just some men objectivize girls too much waiting for physical pleasure and not for a full-fledged communication. It’s wrong.

Proposing to a Russian girl can be very money-saving but it should be super romantic, still. It doesn’t cost you much to propose on the roof of some high building, or cover the bed with red rose petals.

Success stories from happy couples

“Kate was my special gift from heaven, I perceived that from the beginning”, Dave says. “She was ok with anything I had to say, anything I wanted to do, it was like spending time with the second me.

I visited her five times before we understood we should fix that and stay together. I proposed to her in front of her surprised parents, and took them all to a fine restaurant in her city to celebrate.

Today, I can say we are very happy together in the US, she’s pregnant now, yet she keeps on working as an accountant online. She is a very hard-working person, and very loving too”.

“Ann and I, we met in St. Petersburg during the romantic tour I ordered. I figured out she was my special one, instantly. She just was too different from the crowd of other girls there.

I never regret my choice, since Ann is so unspoiled, such a warm person, she is incredibly cute and sweet too. Even my mother loved her at first glance, although she had certain fears about foreigners.

We are going to get married this coming summer and I am very excited. I wasn’t even dreaming of such an extraordinary bride, and I bet there are no such girls in the US anymore, only in Russia”.

“I spent several years trying to find my life partner in Russia, but Elena was worthy of that. She never disappointed me and was smart, practical, reasonable, sexy, exactly as I needed.

We liked each other in real even more than we did online, and were waiting for each other to prepare things for our togetherness. Then I improved my business, and she left her job to relocate.

I think only people able to risk, win the prize. Elena is perfect to me, I could never find a better person although it was risky to search overseas. We are a great match and we have great future”.

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