bridaThere are some questions that girls are supposed to ask their selves before getting married, here are only a few of them. Do you know your future husband that good that you can live with him till the rest of your life? Is he the one? Do you trust him? Do you know for sure that everything he writes about himself is true? How many days have you seen each other before getting departed abroad? Five-ten? Whether you two have been yourselves during those meetings? Does he know you, the real you? After all, you definitely change your and his life for good, while moving to his hometown.

You will leave your hometown for a long time, and you will not be able to see your family and friends. You will not see your parents as often as you would like. You’ll see how your nephews will grow up. Friends … of course, this distance is not an obstacle to friendship. But with your friends you will be communicating only by phone, e-mail and Skype. And will not be able to tell of your secrets during a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine. Yes, eventually after some time you will new friends, and for some of the Russian brides the best friend will remain her husband.

Only a few of your loved ones will be able to come and visit you and see your new posh house, which is sparkling with its glass, many lawns and paths around. And overlook your wardrobe drowning with new clothes. By the way, all of these thirteen- fifteen glass windows need to be washed; numerous lawns need to be cut all and cleaned from leaves in autumn, and removed the snow in winter and all of this things you will have to do by yourself, unless you didn’t hire someone to do it for you.

And yes, flower gardens that touch the look of passing by people, they also do not grow on their own. So life abroad is same with its everyday worries and concerns, with dinners for the whole family, with home lessons of the children, with the fatigue of her husband after the long tiring day from work, much easier in domestic terms, about something which is more difficult.brides get married

Of course, a lot depends on where you live and at the beginning, from your husband’s income. But the chances that you will ride on perfect roads and on pedestrian crossings machines will be waiting for a long time. In supermarkets you will throw into the cart all the things that you want, without thinking about the price and method of delivery of all your purchases home, and cashiers will smile, asking: “how are you?” and will treat your child with a candy.

And let’s not forget that each buyer who will be passing you will apologize if forced to pass in front of you. Many of the issues will be resolved over the phone or even online, without having to stand in an hour-long queue. You won’t see on the lawns in the spring, such familiar to our view numerous gum wrappers and bottles. On the contrary, the streets will be striking with their fabulous beauty. Needless to say, such things cheer up and make life more comfortable.

But you get used to everything, and to the good things even quicklier? And only after a while you would stop being surprised with the kitchen and its appliances like dishwashers, dryers and vacuum cleaners, as well as lush terrace with jumping around squirrels. And you will be left alone with your family, with your husband, and with yourself.

Sometimes the bride is missing Russia. It happens mostly if the relationship with husband doesn’t work out the way she planned it, or he is not behaving well to her child from previous relationship, which is why it is so important to clear all of those things before getting married, otherwise it might be too late.

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