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For some reason a lot of Russian women think that as soon as they will get married with an American they will start having a rich life full of luxury, and they think that money in America grow up on trees, and the funny thing is that those women really believe this myth, and are leaving abroad not to built a family, but to grab someone’s money. Here is the confession of one American husband who was “captured” by such a bride.”My wife Tanya is in America for thirty days. She does not like anything in here. Last Wednesday, she watched television auction jewelry and saw pearl earrings, which she liked. She said that she wants me buy them for her I responded ok i will, but at Christmas. She got up from the couch, crossed her arms and said, “Not for Christmas, i want them now!” I tried to explain to her that people may not always get immediately everything they desire, but she exploded, and strongly slamming the door, went into the bedroom. I went after her and tried to calm her. But that was not all. She demanded that every month I gave her four hundred dollars out of pocket for expenses. Plus I have to send her to her twenty years old son into Ukraine four hundred dollars and the same amount to her mother each month. I was shocked and asked: “is it really just money the only reason of your arrival into America?” she replied that she wanted to become a lawful wife in order to legally receive money from me. I asked her to cut down the sum at least a little, but she did not agree with that. So I told her that I will not pay such an amount of money to her and her relatives, as it is impossible for me, considering all the expenses that i was already carrying on. That is why Tanya decided to immediately come home into her hometown. I asked her to think properly on this subject, but she shouted: “home! Now! ” . I still do not understand where these requests come from, considering that this woman comes from a country where the average salary is less than two hundred dollars per month? Why does she think that I have to provide and send such large sums to her family? Among other things, she was very worried when I was visiting her in her hometown and was buying cheap gifts and souvenirs to my family… ”


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This kind of stories are very shaming for Russian brides, but the truth is that there really are this kind of women who are chasing money and only, and eventually there is no man in the world who would want something like that. Here is some information for the type of brides, that are called “gold diggers”, during the first year of work in the hospital, i was getting one thousand of dollars per month, which after taxes were eight hundreds, and that was a very difficult time of my life, as it was a hard job, in which a lot of responsibility was set on my shoulders. So despite the common thinking even in America money do not grow on the trees, in order to have a decent and even rich life you have to work a lot and refuse yourself upon having a lot of things that you are dreaming of. It is difficult to live in the United States as well, but the only difference with Ukraine or any other country is in the fact that, here in the States it is at least possible to find a job, maybe not very prestigious or well paid, but the job which will provide with enough amount of money in order to have a decent life, and in all the Slavic countries one of the main problems is the unemployment. Without working a lot upon your dreams you will never have the good chance to make them come true, and once again it is important to keep in mind the fact that everything is possible.