swingersIntimate relationship with another partner? This question is often asked with both swingers and sexologists. There is no betrayal – say those and others, because during foursome “no one is cheating, and if there is no fraud, there is no treason.”

Most couples in Edinburgh quietly do what they like. But this part does not stop here; they are trying to promote their views, their way of life, to prove its benefits. They publish their own newspapers, appear in magazines. “Today, when the world spreads AIDS, sex cannot remain as it was before – they say. A three-minute contact with an unknown partner can be fatal not only to you but also the loved one. Condom – defense is good, but not absolute. A desire for sexual variety in people is so great that the fear of death won’t force people to abandon new sensations. Swingers are in contact with the same people or married couples, and the probability of infection is minimized. Fear of AIDS however will force all newly couples that want to try swing to treat sex as a problem. After 50 years, there will be no casual relationships. Indeed, among those who practice this kind of love; venereal diseases almost never occur to such people. However, some negative sides are present.

Of course, the orgy nature of swingers Edinburgh dramatically enhances the excitement and enjoyment of sex, and makes the partners of the opposite pair extremely attractive. Sometimes husband or wife after few stay nights have very strong attraction to the opposite couple partner, and they start dating already together, secretly. According to specialists, this occurs in a quarter of all cases of swingers. Of course, it rarely ends in divorce; unpleasant situations are always unpleasant to the partners especially when it comes to treason.