site2dateFrom the technical and neutral point, is one of many dating sites that offer a big database of Russian and Ukrainian women’s profiles. It’s not more expensive than the others and the scam rate isn’t any higher than average, so it seems to be worthy of trying. But is it really so? What are the hidden nuances?

Actually, they aren’t even hidden. A modern dating expert is a demanding person with a broad experience, and this site has nothing to offer to such experts. The interface is frankly poor with zero design and minimum options, but it cannot even be called minimalistic. Looks like some middle-school boy produced it as a part of his homework. The site claims it’s just “simple and user-friendly”. We could see such kind of sites everywhere about 20 years ago but Site2date remains on the same level.

The next discovery is that women aren’t beautiful at all. They look like they arrived directly from Soviet times, including their hairstyle and clothes. They aren’t even cute like on CuteOnly, and the quality of photos is strikingly bad. Even those photos which are placed on the main page. It’s no surprise there aren’t many scammers among them as it’s easy to believe these ladies are too desperate and want to exactly get married.ukraine best wife

However, the typical male users of Site2date aren’t that determined at all. Surprisingly, all success stories published on the site, contain chauvinist statements and frank disrespect towards the chosen women. “I met a man through this site who seemed very decent,” Vera says. “We met in Saint-Petersburg first and then travelled everywhere as a couple. It was a shock for me to discover that he considers me to be his friend with benefits and he has a young wife at home”.

Lisa shares, “I found a nice man on Site2Date who I liked a lot. I didn’t take into account that he wasn’t a paid member and immediately gave me his direct contacts. We communicated for months before he finally confessed he has no money to fly to me and especially to get married.” Tatyana adds to our story, “I undertook quite a long and profound research before making any conclusions. The site mostly consists of elderly members who aren’t sugar daddies nor even gallant gentlemen. They simply want to get a female toy with minimal efforts”. You surely don’t want to be in a category of men described above. Luckily, the men with a good taste aren’t blind or stupid so the rate of the site is pretty low.

In any case, we are here to provide you with the fullest review of so let’s continue. Signing up is free there. But only Golden membership allows to write to women and chat with them without limit. Its cost is 23.95$ for 1 month, 47.95$ for 3 months and 77.95$ for 6 months. Another alternative is that you buy a certain quantity of credits; each letter requires 1 credit. “I wouldn’t say the quality of girls on this site is worthy of payment,” Richard says. “But I pay because most of them seem to be available in reality and ready to meet me, even at their own cost. One can easily and quickly find a down-to-earth chic on Site2Date.”russian girls

There are lots of tips and helpful articles on the site. Some of them are just brilliant, for example, “Place some Russian words to your letter!” For sure, one could never get this idea by himself so these tips are irreplaceable.

On a serious note, Site2date is rather a waste of your time. There are only 2000 of active members (although the site claims there are 20000 of female profiles) which is extremely small comparing to the popular dating sites. Surprisingly, there’s not enough females for all males as the gender ratio is 1:10. Seems the database of women wasn’t updated since a very long time just like the interface. Some bonus options are: creating favourites list, blocking the member, viewing private photos of the girls (there aren’t many though and they won’t impress you anyway), advanced search, and seeing who checked your profile. The site is equipped with detailed FAQ.

The absent options are: sending friend requests, lifting your profile to the top of search, checking whether your emails are read, uploading videos, suggestions of good matches, rating the girls’ photos, using chatrooms, using translation software. You cannot pay for the whole year to save the maximum of money. Again, it isn’t a modern site. If you aren’t demanding though, we’re glad to inform you this site is somewhat cheaper than other paid sites and there are ladies of any age, including very young ones. For some men, those are good arguments to use it.

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The company also owns 2 more dating sites and advertises them but there are even less members and useful options. Site2Date offers its content in two languages: Russian and English. There are English-speaking girls in the database and those ones who don’t speak any English. As usually, it’s just a sign that a girl is registered by a local agency and they want you to pay extra for her English lessons or an interpreter’s service. No doubts, a girl who decided to find a foreign husband or a boyfriend, will put some efforts to learn English in advance. Plus, their profiles mostly show the University degree and in this case they simply couldn’t miss the English discipline. There are only a few higher education organizations in Russia that teach French or German as basic foreign languages, so this excuse from the girls’ side simply doesn’t work.

As you can see, Site2Date is good for men who want a cheaper membership and who aren’t picky about the women. For the others, there are much better and brighter alternatives.

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