dating-gay-onlineIf I were a teacher I would ask my kids the following question : what was the last time when you read a book? Not a book for school, a book that you started reading because you felt like it?

I see a lot of kids this days that are so addicted to the internet, that reading a book it seems like a lost thing. I asked my nephew a week ago about the last book that he read and he told me that he has a lot of reading at the school. He hasn’t time to read other books. I understood him at the moment, but I realized that even that he would have a lot of time, he wouldn’t read one. He would probably use that free time to navigae the internet, to socialize or to play online games.

I’m a person that likes to read. A lot. All kind of books. I have to say that crime novels and love ones are my favorites, but I also read all kind of books about things that I want to know. For example, almost a month ago I read a book about LGBT dating. I wanted to know more about this subject, about how to manage a situation in case that one day your boy comes and tells you that he is into gay dating. You have to be prepared for this kind of things. And you gain some knowledge too. You never know to much, believe me. I also like to read a lot of books about plants, about how good are for our health and not only. Of course that I don’t remember all I read, but I like to be informed. Exactly like in the cases that you look into a cooking book and you imagine that you will make all those recipes, but in the end you make your usual type of food.


I would like to see more people interested in reading a book than socializing on the internet. The best days for me are Sundays, when I stay on my balcony with a book in my hand and a coffee in the other. Sometimes, when I go to the beach, I see girls that enjoy the sun, and also  reading in the same time a book, and I truly say that I love that. And I know that there are o lot of people that usually read, but not enough ones. I have to admit that the last book that I read, I read it on the pc. And I can tell you it is not the same thing like having the book in your hands. I think we should learn our kids, and not only, to love the books. Whatever kind of books they read. Reading, relaxes me and I am sure that there are lots of other people in the whole world that share this feeling.

Teach everyone that reading means knowledge and even if you don’t have time for reading an entire book in a week, you make some time even for a page once in two days. But let me tell you, that if you started a book, and it’s a good one, more than sure, you won’t let it from your hands.

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