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How to charm the Russian lady?

  1. Do not boast of your security and do not speak scornfully of rich people. Both tactics are failures. If you earn a lot of money, expensive clothes will tell this, but don’t brag about it. At the same time, in order to look good, you don’t need to earn millions. Whatever your income, wear nice, clean and ironed clothes.
  2. Be ready to pay for the whole dinner. If the girl offers to pay for her food, you should refuse. Remind her that she’s on a date, so you’ll happily pay the whole bill. This nuance always raises many questions on dates, but the real man does not embarrass – he always pays himself.

Do not try to specifically leave the purse at home, so that the girl herself paid for dinner. And even if you have money with you, do not expect that she will pay for her food. When the waiter brings the bill, immediately take it: the account should not be on the table for too long, as the girl can begin to worry about whether you will pay for dinner.

  1. Suggest a girl to lean on you if you walk on an uneven surface. This is the right gesture, and it actually helps the girl to keep her balance if she has high heels. This action does not oblige to anything either her or you – so you just express your respect. Going down the stairs, always go near the woman, not behind her.

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Give the girl a coat when you are going out. On the sidewalk, always walk from the side of the road. If a car passes by and sprays fly out from under its wheels, they should hit you, not the girl.

  1. Tell the girl that you had a very good time and offer to repeat the date. Be polite and do not press. Women don’t like when they are forced to kiss goodbyes or to anything else.

Do not impose g on a girl, especially if you see that she is resisting. Treat her with respect. Women instantly lose interest in men who believe that if they arranged a date, a woman should agree to everything. Do not provoke embarrassing situations. Never talk about your past love affairs.

  1. Let the girl talk about herself, but do not interrupt her. Women appreciate those who know how to listen to them. In addition, she will expect that you remember something that she has told you.
  2. Do not be afraid to show your interest in this girl. Some men try not to show their sympathy, because they think that they look weak. But it does not hurt you at all. Women like to understand that someone chooses them, and although it is not worthwhile to admit to love on the first date, it will not be superfluous to demonstrate your interest.
  3. If it rains outside, offer her an umbrella.
  4. Take the initiative in your own hands. A gentleman is a leader by nature. Women don’t like men who are so modest that they cannot take the first step themselves.

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What a man shouldn’t do?

  1. Don’t talk badly about relatives. This will make a bad impression, and besides, a real man will not discuss his personal problems on the first date.
  2. Don’t pick your nose, don’t scrub yourself behind your ears, don’t straighten hair in the presence of the girl you’ve invited to a date.
  3. Don’t interrupt. Women hate being interrupted, so listen not only to the girl you date, but to who are with you at that moment.
  4. Do not let yourself lose your temper. This will easily repel the girl, because no one wants to deal with a man who needs to be reassured as a child and who can at any moment bring down his anger at the girl.