life with a Russian ladyRussia is a huge country with its own traditions and rules. A lot of different nationalities are living there. So, if you have decided to connect you life with a Russian lady, you should learn some information about the country and the nation.

  1. First of all date Russian women can not understand the “cold” relationship of parents to their adult children. How is it possible that mother-in-law refuse to help young families financially? Or refuse to look after their grandchildren? Russian couple, consider such behavior inappropriate, and they do not realize that European parents do not want to encroach on the independence of their children and their families. But foreign men who continue to live with his “half” in Russia or Ukraine, cannot understand why all of Russia’s relatives actively participate in their family life. And the most annoying thing for them is when strangers on the street shout that “Your children are not dressed appropriate”.
  2. Russian people cook more than it is needed. They prefer to cook tasty and full meal, and usually in huge portions. As Ukrainians are very hospitable, they always wait for guests, that’s why they cook a lot of different meals. Moreover in Ukraine it is accustomed to visit your friends with small gifts. Even if it is not a birthday but a modest friendly gatherings. It can be almost everything: dishes, sweets alcohol or small souvenirs.
  3. Russian nation is rich in culture, customs, and multiple colorful folklore. National culture, like memory, identifies the Russian people from the other, allows you to experience the genuine link between times and generations, makes it possible to obtain the spiritual support. Basically, the customs and traditions of the Russian people are connected with the calendar, and the church. Calendar in Russia is also called “month-talker”, which describes all days in the year. Russian dating traditions are unquestionably rich in fantasy and artwork.
  4. Part of the Russian culture is the Russian mentality, which is characterized by: the following facts:
  • Bright negativity. In this regard, the majority of Russians increasingly see their disadvantages, rather than the dignity of the character. They do not like smiling, especially to the strangers.
  • Protest relation to penalties.Russian communication
  • In Russia, in comparison with the surrounding countries, developed laziness and love for freebies. During a famous experiment, when the capital sorted all countries threw purses with a hundred dollars, just in Reykjavik (Iceland) owners have returned 100%. In Norway and Finland – 99%. In Moscow – one in a hundred.
  • The desire to live in truth.
  • For the Russian people personal and friendly relations are more important than laws and regulations: they are willing to forgive a friend those things that they will never forgive a stranger.
  • In the choice between reason and feelings, Russians always choose the second point. Sincerity and kindness are very important features for them.
  • Love to disputes. The Russian communication very often is occupied by disputes. Russians like to argue on a variety of issues, both private and common. Russians often are interested in the dispute, not as in a mean of finding the truth, but as in a mental exercise, as a form of emotional, sincere communication with each other.

These are some bright peculiarities about Russia and its people. So if you really want to live a life with Russian women you must understand her habits and behavior, only then happy relationships are guaranteed for you. We hope that you will cope with this task and wish you good luck!