Men repeatedly make ridiculous mistakes with online dating. Sometimes it seems that, hiding behind the anonymity of the computer, men completely forget all about the etiquette. Quite often, in order to look more attractive to the woman they want to meet, men write things that they would never say in real life.


Here are the 10 common mistakes committed by men at online dating:

  1. Do not list all the physical parameters which you would like to see at your darling. Not only those announcements make repellent impression, there is a question: “Do you look like Apollo yourself?” Even if the girl looks like a supermodel, it will be frightened by the long list of your requirements. Besides, the self-assessment of the physical appeal by many women is quiet underestimated. So even if desired appearance of the girl meets all your criteria, she might simply not know about it or doubt.
  2. Never ask your online date about her weight. It is unlikely that you ever imagine about the right ratio of women’s height and weight. Luxury forms cannot weigh enough. You can always find out the right proportions in later time.
  3. Write more about your characters, not about your hobbies. What would it matter for women to know that you like jazz, beer or hockey? They want to find mate, not a companion for a hike on the clubs. So better to write about your kindness, patience and love of animals. Also try to give them more specific, memorable detail. The majorities of man’s ads is too vague and look similar. So, how can women make right decision amongst dozens of similar ads? And if you write nothing about excellent education, erudition, nature and high earnings, they automatically conclude that you don’t have it.
  4. Be positive. You say that you want, instead of that isn’t pleasant to you. Positive information makes good first impression. And never abuse the former girlfriends. Many men complain of the ex-girlfriends, and in the following expressions: “This snake used me and threw! “, “As well as all women, she cared only of herself!” You think everyone will rush to feel sorry for you? Certainly not. And after a while you will tell the same about the new friend? Smart women are running without looking back on these ads.
  5. It is better not to mention sex. Women are afraid to make acquaintance with a man who “thinks only about this one.” Therefore it is better to avoid talking about sex at first time, and especially in the announcement.
  6. Do not send her seven messages in a row, one after another to ask why she did not respond, even if you like her profile and desperately want to make an arrangement.  Women get a lot more responses to the ads than men, so be patient and give her time to decide.
  7. Don’t ask her, with how many men at the same time she corresponds or how many times she already got acquainted on the Internet dating. Any way, you want receive an honest answer, but even if you do, it might be not pleasant to you.
  8. Be honest concerning the relationship status. If your purpose – to find temporary entertainment, so state it in the announcement. Surely there will be lovers of adventures who will respond to your offer. But do not waste any more time and energy, or time of the people who are looking for stability, if you do not need one.
  9. Don’t write standard letters. It is clear that you the busy man that simply have nothing to say to unknown girl, etc. Therefore you also send the same letter to all the recipients in a row. But try to address at least by name, instead of faceless “dear”. And from time to time, at least every month, update templates. Otherwise women should read how New Year’s holidays bothered you in the summer.
  10. Do not be greedy. It is understandable that you want to communicate as much as possible with a lot of beautiful girls. But do not write to everyone. You just cannot talk quality and meet everyone. Better to focus on those you really interesting. Believe me, this is not the case that quantity turns into quality.